Did you know that a USDA certified organic product must be made of at least 95% organic material by weight to display the USDA Organic Seal?


BioMatrix International was established in 1997 to create innovative products for agricultural and horticultural markets, with an emphasis on developing novel and patent pending technologies. Our products are environmentally-friendly and are customized to meet the individual needs for livestock and companion animal feed.

BioMatrix International relocated to Princeton, Minnesota in September 2004. The 3,750 square foot facility at 12643 320th Avenue NW consisted of office, manufacturing, and warehouse space.

That facility was quickly outgrown and a BioMatrix moved to our current location at 1002 16th Avenue South, Princeton. This 14,200 square foot facility holds our newly remodeled offices as well as a more spacious manufacturing area and warehouse. The 3,750 facility has been retained for product research and development.

BioMatrix has grown rapidly in the number of products that are being made as well as with the use of the patent pending technology. Our expansive building has allowed us to aquire needed equipment, and additional employees to product product and operate efficiently.

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